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Plot Karan (Paresh Rawal) is a self-made smart businessman who lives with his wife (Shabana Azmi) and son (Jiya Deshmukh) in a traditional town. He is however a reformed soul and believes in "doing a favour to your own" and not harming others. He has had three romantic affairs in his life. His first, (played by Radhika Apte) was with a Christian man who subsequently converted to Hinduism and became his son-in-law. His second was with a Muslim girl and he is still in touch with her. The third was with a girl from his own family who is now married to a rich man. He is torn between his old ways and a new life. He is approached by a rich Muslim man for adoption and with the help of his secretary (Kiran Kumar) he agrees to give his daughter Aisha (Asees Shaikh) and his grandson (Monekhal Dukhh) to a Muslim man for adoption. A childhood friend of his (Seema Azmi) who is an artist with a smart mind contacts him and advises him to read up on Islam. She tells him that his new adopted family will have no qualms and he should go ahead with it. As he read up on Islam he finds out that his daughter had converted to Islam as a young girl to please her husband. She is now pregnant and he decides that he should do the same. At the same time he comes across a letter from his biological mother (Anushka) which says that she will not be able to give Aisha an education after she has been converted to Islam. He must therefore go back on his promise to give her a dowry of Rs. 50,000 and a house. The family leaves for Pakistan where Karan meets Anayat Ali and Radhika Apte in Lahore and they help him make up his mind. A visit to his biological mother (Anushka) makes him decide to adopt Aisha and give her a better life and finally he decides to send his secretary and Aisha to Pakistan for the adoption. Karan is at a loss of words when he visits the house to give his daughter and grandson back. On the way back, Anayat Ali and Radhika Apte convince him to return and give Aisha a better life and persuade him to convert to Islam. Cast Paresh Rawal as Kar

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